Zumba is pretty much the first thing anyone thinks of when you talk about Dance as Cardio. Zumba is a Latin-based cardio fitness dance that can easily be adapted for all fitness levels. Whether you want to do 50 jump squats, 25 squats, or 10 deep stretches, do it to the Latin beats that drive a Zumba fitness class.

Classes can also be designed for different lengths. A 30-minute class is a great way to get your heartrate up and burn a few calories while a 60-minute class may allow you to reach peak heartrate to get your burn on all day long!


Zumba is a total workout and I try to incorporate endurance, strength-training, flexibility, cardio, and muscle conditioning. By the time the class is over, you’ll find yourself surprised at how much energy you have!


Specific classes include Zumba Step, Zumba Toning, Aqua Zumba, Zumba Kids, and Plate by Zumba. So whatever you need, I can develop a class with you in mind. I can also develop a playlist that you appreciate. Not everyone wants to dance to Pitbull!