I’ve considered to great extent having legal representation. My biggest fear is having someone become injured in a class – not because of the legal fight that may follow, but because I’d hate to cause anyone harm.

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I considered obtaining legal representation here in Biloxi and having waivers present for all events, but ultimately haven’t pursued this yet. When working at gyms, all members have signed waivers as part of their gym membership. But at birthday parties and events, those booking simply sign a waiver noting that no injuries as a result of my classes will be brought to me for retribution.


That, however, has huge loopholes as the actual attendees have signed nothing and are likely unaware that such a waiver even exists. And talking legalese during a dance class is not super driving or motivating!


So, if anyone has suggestions, please sound off in the comments so I can learn and grow and be better at my job!