BodyCombat by Les Mills is a high-intensity martial-arts inspired workout with no contact. Punch, kick, and jump your way to burning almost 700 calories in a 45-minute class. BodyCombat is a great stress reliever as you can kick and punch your problems out of your way instead of a punching bag or sparring partner.


Because of the high-energy nature and driving music of Body Combat, it is not suggested for pregnant women, elderly folks, or young kids. While no martial arts experience is needed to get a great workout from Body Combat, it is very high intensity and includes lots of jumping, so you’ll want to be in fairly good shape when you start.


I teach Body Combat at several local gym facilities as well as through a video app. This is more workout-specific than Zumba and therefore isn’t recommended for parties or events.

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I suggest wearing tight-fitting clothing that won’t weight you down or trip you up. There are no tools or accessories for a Body Combat workout – just you and your energy!